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International photo reports, stories and image series for editorials

My travel photography includes mainly photo reportages, which have to do predominantly with people in all situations. A cross-section with some highlights of these photo reportages I would like to show you here. You can find some complete series of pictures at the bottom of this page, and all of them as an on my Reportages & Editorials page.

I take as many opportunities as possible to explore the world with my camera on photo tours. Thereby it is most appealing for me photographically to find areas that have not yet been infested by mass tourism. With popular destinations and events, it is then a challenge for me to discover new views and perspectives, and above all to capture photographic moods and special snapshots.

Other photographic areas of my photo travels are – more architecturally oriented – city photography, landscape photography, and wildlife photography.

Projects of the category “Travel photo reportages and editorials”

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Landscapes: Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay in northeastern Vietnam is known for its emerald green waters and thousands of towering limestone islands covered in…

Holi festival of colours – Delhi, India

Holi festival of colours – Delhi, India

Shivaratri Festival in Pashupatinath, Kathmandu, Nepal

At the time of the Shivaratri Festival in honor of the god Shiva, Pashupatinath is overcrowded with pilgrims, and the number of the…

Landscape photos: Outer Hebrides

Fortunately, the Outer Hebrides have been largely spared from tourism due to their remoteness, which is actually not expected in…

Landscape photos: Northwestern Scotland

Northwestern Scotland with the Isle of Skye offers the nature enthusiast and relaxation-seeking photographer everything the heart has…