Portraits, Boudoir Shootings & Nude Art Photos Munich

In a boudoir shoot with me in the Munich area, lingerie photos and nude photos will be created in which you can show your sensual and seductive side! Surely you have often thought about the idea that it would be nice to have such photos taken of yourself, but then you didn’t dare? Don’t be fooled and discouraged by seemingly “perfect” women on social media and print media… No one is perfect in reality. It’s all about authenticity and, of course, a good photographer who knows how to put you in the right light, emphasize your advantages and take possible problem areas out of focus. But not through excessive retouching afterwards, but through the right perspective and composition.
A relaxed atmosphere during the shoot and my experience and empathy will certainly quickly give you the confidence you need. And as a reward, you’ll hopefully get the photos you’ve always wanted!

I offer portrait shoots and boudoir shoots with lingerie photos and nude photos in my home studio in Munich.


It would definitely be good to discuss the details with each other before the shoot, either by phone or, better yet, in person. This way you can find out whether the “chemistry” is right, which is a crucial point. And I find out your wishes and ideas so that I can prepare accordingly for the shoot.
If you click on the “Home Studio” tab in the picture gallery below, you will get a realistic impression of what can be implemented in my home. It’s best to mark the photos whose style you like best on a screenshot.

How I work

I work almost exclusively with natural light. This has the advantage that we don’t have to shoot in a sterile studio with flashlights. Instead, in a homely, cozy and therefore relaxed atmosphere in my apartment, which can be used as a home studio. I would be happy to send you photos upon request.

Be authentic!

Of course I can suggest you lots of beautiful poses and ideas. But boudoir photos always have the greatest sensual appeal when the viewer feels like they are seeing a truly authentic moment. These are the really good lingerie photos and nude photos. Try to open up without acting. Feel the moment, the mood, the music that is playing. It’s better to bring in your own personality, spontaneity and ideas instead of simply re-creating poses given by me. In short, just be yourself. If you enjoy self-dramatization anyway – or maybe you discover it during a shoot? – then of course that’s all the better. The imagination knows no limits!

TFP models wanted

Do you already have experience as a model, do you like my pictures and would you like to plan a TFP shoot with me?
Then please apply by sending me your model Instagram page, your comp card, or simply a meaningful selection of images.
You can find my boudoir Instagram page here.

Shooting in abandoned places

Are you interested in a touch of adventure and more unconventional images? Then you are right here! In the warmer seasons, I’m looking for TFP models who enjoy shooting in abandoned places – so-called “lost places” or “abandoned places”.
I am very experienced in this area and know great locations in the Halle – Leipzig – Gera – Chemnitz and Berlin region. These locations offer unique atmospheres and lots of inspiration. The result is artistic images that go beyond the mainstream. You can find examples of this under the “Abandoned Places” tab in the image gallery below.
What you should bring with you: a sense of adventure, no fear of sometimes cool temperatures and dirt, and a weekend of time.
I look forward to your inquiry!