Aerial photography Munich: drone pictures and drone videos

Aerial shots, i.e. drone shots and drone videos from a bird’s eye view, have become an indispensable part of modern reporting. Not least because this type of photography and filming has now become affordable thanks to modern drone technology (more correctly: quadcopter).
Aerial photographs open up a completely new dimension in optics. They show the big picture from breathtaking perspectives. In nature photography, the viewer opens up almost epic expanses from the air. You discover a whole new beauty made of structures, shapes and colors that, if at all, could only be guessed at on the ground.

Drone photos and videos add a fourth dimension to reports or marketing campaigns with a wow factor. They make them special and leave a lasting impression, which significantly increases the likelihood of success.

I offer drone flights in the Munich area according to your wishes for videos up to 4K resolution including post-production and photos in RAW format with 20 megapixels, for example – e.g. for the presentation of your property or your event location.

Contact me – I’ll be happy to advise you on the options!