Architecture photos BMW World and BMW Museum Munich

Good architectural photos of the BMW World and the BMW Museum in Munich are not that easy to create, if only because of the dimensions of the building. Converging lines should be avoided, and it is always a challenge to photographically relate this architecturally interesting ensemble to one another. Special lenses such as tilt-shift and super wide-angle have done me excellent service. There are enough exciting lines. And the connecting bridge between the BMW World and the BMW Musum is a wonderful visual link with its elegantly curved arches.

At different times of the day you get completely different lighting situations and reflective effects for architectural photos of the BMW World and the BMW Museum in Munich. The blue hour is particularly suitable, because not only the bright blue sky, but also the changing colored lighting of the BMW World Helix are good for creating a special picture impression. Unfortunately, only the blue lighting has been visible for a long time.

My photos are available in high resolutions of up to 50 megapixels and are therefore also suitable for large-format prints.

You can find an overview of my architectural photography portfolio on this page.

The architecturally extravagant BMW world is also a highlight for every non-professional Munich tourist. The gigantic futuristic interior is particularly impressive – the cars on display are almost a minor matter. And the BMW Museum opposite is also a magnet for visitors. Practically all historical BMW models can be admired here. This building complex also includes the BMW Tower, simply called “four-cylinder” by the people of Munich. It is the headquarters of BMW. The famous architectural design is a symbol of a four-cylinder and is a listed building. It has a high recognition value in Munich’s cityscape and skyline.

If my pictures have piqued your interest and you are considering visiting this fantastic architecture yourself, you will find all the important details on the BMW website.